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About Us

For the Love of the Deli !

I created Moishe’s Montreal Deli, for my Love and Passion for Great Tasting Montreal Deli Flavors and Favorite’s, and bringing a little of       La Belle Province, to South Florida !

I’m a True Deli Professional, having grown up in my family’s Deli Business in Ottawa, at Nate’s on Rideau Street.  Nate’s Deli, was    The Premier Deli in Ottawa, from the early 60’s to the late 90’s.          

It was an Institution of Great Food, Great Friends and Family
and a Central Meeting Place !!        

It is still Fondly Remembered by The Who’s Who !!

It is where I honed my skills in all things Deli !  
I’m a Champion at Hand Carving brisket, doing so from the age of 14 !  

Before then, I had to learn everything Deli, from washing floors, to dishes, to prepping  etc., etc., etc...

Hence, this is my personal philosophy on Hand Carved Smoked Meat.
“I believe the Best way to eat hot deli meat, is Hand Carved !”  

The Tradition of curing meat briskets, came from Europe with the Jewish immigration to North America in the late 1800’s.

Hand carving was and is an Art form.  

It was developed to tailor a cured brisket, in the days before automatic slicers were widely available.  

Hand Carving is a learned skill of slicing the meat, so that it’s easy to eat,  and melts in your mouth !  

Making it a Mouth Watering and Delicious Experience !!     

Some of the most famous Deli’s around, are still true to their deli roots.

Katz’s in New York, Schwartz’s on the Main and Dunn’s Famous in Montreal where Hand Carving is still done.  

Montreal Smoked Meat is a Unique Brisket, all on it’s own.  Cured with Special spices, then steamed, and to be truly enjoyed should be eaten hot !  
Mmm, mmm....

Our Team takes Pride in Serving Fresh, Tasteful Large Portions.  Everything is made right here on the premises, from Comfort Foods, Handcrafted Sandwiches, Soups, Salads, Deli Favorites, Dinner Specials, and...Everything in between !

“ I’m So Glad You’re Here !   Enjoy !  Enjoy !! ”